General information

Water tanks are the main source of all growing water contaminations such as bacteria, viruses and other microorganism in your home.

Hurricane WaterTec provides a water treatment technique, with its strong germicidal ability, known to be the most effective disinfection method in the world.

Hurricane WaterTec simply purifies your water inside your water tank through advanced UV technol- ogy. It is very safe to use as no chemicals are used.
It is scientifically proven that UV disinfects water from bacteria & viruses. UV is being used commercially for many years in the pharmaceutical, food & beverage, cosmetic and electronics industries for purifying water.

Hurricane WaterTec is the first residential water treatment product for your water tank at your home. Easy to install with no maintenance requirement, Hurricane WaterTec purifies water inside your water tank to kill 99.997 % of bacteria, viruses and other microorganism.

Operation principles

Once our WaterTec units are installed (floating inside your water tank) and powered up, the operation is fully automatic. Our advanced UV-C tubes are starting to radiate on a certain frequency and immediately the purification process will begin.

This photoelectric process will kill bacteria (including legionella), fungus and viruses direct on contact and will break down odouress molecules into harmless odorless compounds. WaterTec units running continuously to ensure maximum safety and protection at all time.