Frequently Asked


We need water purification systems to minimize the risks of dangerous contaminants in our household and drinking water.
Legionella is a bacterium which can cause a severe type of pneumonia (lung disease) called Legionnaire’s disease by inhaling airborne water droplets that contains legionellae.
Legionella can cause pneumonia, which is very serious and can be fatal, and a flu-like illness that isn’t usually as dangerous as pneumonia called Pontiac fever. Legionella can be transmitted into our bodies when we inhale the vapor of contaminated water that could possibly contain legionellae.

The bacteria can multiply between the temperatures 20-45 degrees Celsius in closed water circuits and storage water facilities, like e.g. water tanks.

When microorganisms are allowed to grow or flourish to excess in water systems, a formation of biofilms on system surfaces can result. These biofilms are the perfect nutrient for legionella bacteria and support their grow into harmful levels for humans.

Unlike other chemical disinfectants, water taste is not affected and there is no by-chemical product and it effectively destroys 99.9% of all microorganisms, including legionella.
Our WaterTec product is floating inside the water storage tank in order to apply our unique UV technology to all contaminated water. Attached UV–C bulbs are radiating permanently on a certain frequency (254nm) to constantly purify the stored water amount inside the tank. These method assures a permanently and efficient water treatment at all time.


Indoor air pollution has been described as one of the most important environmental health problems. Air pollutants can cause allergies, sick building syndrome, bacteria infections, and spread viruses and many more.
Traditional air filters cover medium-to-large particles only and have no effect on gases, vapours, bacteria and viruses.
Mould, mildew, plumbing problems, tightly sealed buildings, off gases from carpets, glues, copy machines, furniture, etc.
IAQ experts consider a building to be “sick” when there are known contaminants at harmful concentrations or when 20% or more of its occupants are plagued by a variety of common symptoms that occur only while at work.