General information

Hurricane – BioSecure units are designed to be a very fast air cleaner/sanitizer to treat large volumes of air. Our units can be installed in existing HVAC systems or can operate independently with its own fan & ducting to completely clean the inside contaminated air.

Bacteria, Germs, Fungus and Viruses will be eliminated through our advanced purification technology. BioSecure units are running full automatically and made to maintain a healthy indoor air quality standard at all time.

Recommended areas of usage are recovery areas, medical & scientific laboratories, nursery homes, day clinics, medical center, healthcare facilities, … and many more.

Operation principles

Air is passing through a washable mesh pre-filter into the first UV chamber, where our advanced UV enhanced oxidation process is actively starting the first purification process. Then air will pass to the next chamber where our antimicrobial Biofilter Matrix is located.

After this process the air will reach the final UV-C chamber where the UV enhanced oxidation process will be deactivated and safety sensors will measure IAQ parameter and adjust automatically the unit operation before the air will exit the unit.