General information

Air-Conditioning ducts will carry not only cooled and filtered air into your rooms, but also contaminants such as micro-organisms, bacteria, fungi, viruses and VOC’s. This generates mould in air-conditioning ducts due to dust and humidity.

SaniDuct is the perfection solution to prevent contaminants growth and will kill up to 99.97% of all airborne micro-organisms. Contaminanants get killed instantly on passing through the energy chamber generated by Hurricane’s UV enhanced technology.

SaniDuct can be easily fixed by inserting our advanced UV-C tubes with attached control box into your existing air-conditioning duct.

SaniDuct runs continuously to ensure maximum protection to you and your family, 24 hours a day.

The removal of unpleasant, moldy or stinky smell will be an advantage, if SaniDuct is in place and powered up.

SaniDuct … fresh & clean air solutions for your home.

Operation principles

– SaniDuct units can be installed in any existing duct regardless of size

– Once the units are fixed and powered up it will run automatically 24/7

– Air which will pass inside your duct will come in contact with our UV enhanced technology (energy chamber) and micro-organism gets killed on contact