General information

Our EcologySafe units are first class kitchen ecology units made for the professional use.

The emission of cooking odors from a commercial kitchen is becoming an increasingly important environmental issue as well as having a significant influence on the granting of planning permission for new restaurants.

Our EcologySafe units are based on a modular concept comprising of electrostatic precipitators and air handling unit grade housing kitchen ecology unit with different stages of filtration depending on the type of kitchen.

Apart from carbon filters, there can be OdorBlaster units, which are killing the smell and gaseous particles.

Operation principles

Here are variations in the layout for different kitchen operations, here one example:

– First stage: Electrostatic Precipitator
– Second stage: Synthetic Filter (for Carbon Extract)
– Third stage: Pocket filter
– Fourth stage: HEPA filter
– Fifth stage: Carbon filter
– Sixth stage: OdorBlaster