General information

HotelStar units are designed to be a very fast & easy to handle air cleaner in hotel rooms.

HotelStar Air purifier comes ready to use and run fully automatically once they are powered up. The operation time varies between 30 – 120 mins depending on the size of the room and the level of contamination to eliminate odors like cigarette smoke, food/cooking smell, pet smell and residual body odors resulting from the previous occupant.

The affected area is completely cleaned by our innovative UV-enhanced oxidation technology, photo-electrically from UV light and microorganism / microbial pathogens, both air borne and on surface are reduced to the minimum.

Operation principles

Indoor room air will be recirculated by sucking it into the equipment from one side of the unit.

Inside our equipment the UV – enhanced oxidation process will treat the polluted and contaminated air and disinfected, clean air will exit the equipment on the other side. This process will run until your room air volume is fully sanitized or until the selected timer operation was set up.

HotelStar Set Up:

Step 1 – Place the unit in the center or any free space of your room
Step 2 – Power it up by plugging the power cord into any near by wall socket
Step 3 – Turn the timer knob to your desired cleaning cycle (30 – 120 min)

The HotelStar unit will run fully automatic until the selected timer set up ends.