General information

OdorBlaster units were designed to remove unpleasant odors and to refresh mouldy air in closed areas by using our advanced UV technology process to disinfect and clean air.

Our OdorBlaster units are cleaning 3000 times better than any Chlorine based product and 10 times more efficient than most disinfectants; using the only complete sterilizing agent at ambient temperature – ozone. This also eliminates the bacteria which causes odors.

Fruits & vegetables carry bacteria and mold directly from farms which reduces shelf life and can cause health issues. Ozone is a more effective biocide than other substances due to its high reactivity and its strong oxidant power. OdorBlaster eliminate microorganism / microbial pathogens, both air borne and on surface.

Operation principles

Our OdorBlaster units are designed to safely generate ozone at pre-set levels, with very accurate computerized controls. This is ensured using tested and calibrated safety sensors, which continuously detect & monitor ozone levels. The unit operation can be set to meet different pollution levels and parameters, automatically optimizing its performance. All the operations are performed through HMI with a touch screen.

Our OdorBlaster units are designed to keep the area and its contents sanitized – be it a vegetable, fruits or meat storage, dining hall or kitchen, garbage rooms or wash rooms, or a waste handling facility. Higher air volumes and air changes can be easily achieved by adding more slave units to the master unit. This flexibility unique to Hurricane system enables OdorBlaster to handle any large areas.

OdorBlater removes the odor / bacteria / molds and many other pollutants at source itself, by using our technology to generate ozone in controlled manner, photo-chemically from UV light, to make the surroundings healthier for all.