How it works?

Hurricane Air Purification Systems are designed to clean and sanitize Indoor Air, which is not only a matter of pollution levels but rather a constant process to maintain and assure a certain Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) at all time. Through our advanced filtration and UV – enhanced oxidation technology, we sanitize indoor air free from odors, bacteria, fungi and viruses.

What is UV – Enhanced Oxidation?

This technology is known as photo – electrical process where odouress molecules reacting in our UV chambers and breaking down into harmless odorless compounds. Our advanced antimicrobial Biofilter Matrix is coated with an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved disinfectant which kills living microorganisms (bacteria, fungus, viruses) on contact.

Is it safe?

Safety is our main priority! Hurricane Air Purification Systems are developed to the highest German Quality and safety standards. All our units are equipped with safety switches and sensors to constantly measure IAQ parameter and to adjust unit operations accordingly. Hurricane Air Purifier are tested by reputable laboratories and institutions to ensure safety at all time.



Hurricane WaterTec provides a water treatment technique, with its strong germicidal ability, known to be the most effective disinfection method in the world.

WaterTec simply purifies your water inside your water tank through advanced UV technology. It is very safe to use as no chemicals are used. It is scientifically proven that UV disinfects water from bacteria & viruses.


Hurricane – BioSecure units are designed to be a very fast air cleaner/sanitizer to treat large volumes of air.

Our units can be installed in existing HVAC systems or can operate independently with its own fan & ducting to completely clean the inside contaminated air.